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Contact: benoit.vermersch (at)

I am an associate professor at the University of Grenoble Alpes, member of the LPMMC.

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-2023.11: We have several positions for postdocs in quantum information theory and many-body quantum systems. Our research consists in developing scalable benchmark/measurement protocols for quantum processors. We also would like to propose/test physical implementation of quantum architectures using Rydberg atoms, trapped ions, and other spin systems. We are very much interested in expertise related to tensor-networks, randomized protocols and quantum measurements, quantum error mitigation, stabilized formalism. Please reach out!

-2023.08: Our article on Fermionic quantum processing with programmable neutral atom arrays has been published!
Link to the paper

-2023.08: Our article on Fermionic correlation functions from randomized measurements in programmable atomic quantum devices has been published!
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