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Contact: benoit.vermersch (at)

I am an associate professor at the University of Grenoble Alpes, member of the LPMMC


-2020.06: Python scripts to postprocess randomized measurementis performed on quantum devices available on Github. Joint work with Andreas Elben (Innsbruck).

-2020.06: Our paper on quantum information scrambling in a trapped-ion quantum simulator with tunable range interactions has been published in Physical Review Letters (editor’s suggestion)
Link to the paper

-2020.06: Our paper on Emerging two-dimensional gauge theories in Rydberg configurable arrays has been published in Physical Review X.
Link to the paper

2020.04: Our paper on measuring many-body topological invariants has been published in Science Advances.
Link to the paper| Press release| Interview physicsworld

-2020.03 Our paper on unidirectional quantum networks with superconducting qubits has been published in NPJ quantum information
Link to the paper

2020.01: Our paper on cross-platform verification of near-intermediate scale quantum devices has been published in Physical Review Letter.
Link to the paper| Viewpoint on Physics by S. Flammia| Online talk by A. Elben

Research interests

1. Synthetic quantum systems for quantum technologies

Measurement of entanglement entropies in a trapped-ion quantum simulator (Science 364, 260-263 (2019))

2. Quantum networks

Quantum simulation and optimization in a hot quantum network [PRB 99, 241302(R) (2019)]

3. Tensor-network numerical methods

Matrix-Product-state simulation of an entangling gate mediated by a multimode waveguide [PRB 99, 241302(R) (2019)]


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